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Take note, our recommendations will change your life

Teas to help you sleep

Let us tell you what each tea is for:

– Chamomile will make you feel muscle relaxation and help you sleep faster and better, even if you have stress and depression problems.

– Valerian infusions are characterized by their calming effect, which will allow you to sleep soundly. Be ready to fall in minutes. This drink is ideal for those days of high anxiety and stress.

– The fragrance of lavender has a relaxing power, we recommend baths with lavender essence to rest better.

– Lemon tea, a drink rich in antioxidants that helps relieve stomach pains, respiratory problems and even insomnia.

– Passionflower, a traditional drink that all grandmothers. You can also drink it after a long day where the headache does not leave you alone.

– Last but not least, Jasmine tea, this gentle herb can help children and adults sleep much better. It also eliminates muscle aches and headaches.

Now, tell us which one you are going to take 😴.

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