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Sleeping well with grandmother’s remedies

My grandmother always said that there is no better remedy to sleep well than going to bed sleepy and that is the main point that I want to start this article because to sleep well it is essential that you create a kind of sleep routine.

Those activities that you do a few hours before going to bed and that should be as relaxing as possible to encourage you to go to sleep. Some prefer to read a book, others listen to some music, some prefer to meditate … this is something very personal and you know better than anyone what can work for you so be consistent and create a sleep routine.

Another remedy that my grandmother always had on hand for when I could not sleep were herbal teas, those herbal remedies as she said left me well relaxed to go back to bed to fall asleep. But there are many more sleep remedies because not all of us are the same and not all work the same so keep reading! Today I am going to give you some more remedies.

Use herbal teas to sleep well

As I was saying, this was the “holy hand” remedy that worked so well for my grandmother and I am going to tell you which were the herbs that were always in her pantry for when the night was thick.

It must be said that herbs work very well and you can use them in different ways: some prefer infusions, but you can also put a few drops of essential oil on your pillow or use them in a burner before going to bed.

These are the best herbs for falling asleep:


Chamomile is an herb with calming and relaxing properties that help reduce anxiety and help you fall asleep faster.


Did you know that lavender was used by the Greeks and Romans in baths to relax? Of course, its tranquilizing properties reduce the heart rate, calming the nerves and allowing us to sleep peacefully.


What to say about valerian? I think it is known worldwide, super used in Europe to combat insomnia and anxiety.

Taking a nice relaxing bath

Taking a bath an hour or so before going to bed is ideal to get the body and mind to enter that state of relaxation so necessary to sleep well. You can use aromas in the bath such as lavender or geranium that help calm the mind.

Set limits at home: bedtime is sacred

If you have children or pets, it is essential to set limits so that they let you rest properly. Everyone should have their own space to sleep and if you have to close the bedroom door so they don’t bother you, do it!

Sleep as much as you need to

You may not be able to afford it because of work schedules, etc. But if you can, do it. Sleep as much as your body asks for because the body is very wise and knows well what we need. If you stay up late one day, there is nothing wrong with getting up later the next day!


I hope these grandmother’s remedies will help you fall asleep better and make your sleeping time much more restful.