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Sleeping in socks is good!

We each have our own preferences about sleeping with socks or without them, but, although we could spend hours debating about the advantages and disadvantages that everyone finds, the truth is that in the end it comes down to a choice that mainly comes down to personal preference.

But the truth is that there are some benefits of wearing socks at night that if you don’t already know about, you’ll be surprised! Want to discover them? We’ll tell you about them below, read on!

1. Keeps your feet warm

Well, this is the most obvious reason why anyone would prefer to sleep with socks on. If you are one of those who suffer from cold feet at night, you surely understand it perfectly. If this happens to you very often it could be due to poor circulation so while you are still wearing socks to bed, you might as well start improving your exercise routines and reducing stress. That will also help your feet not be so cold at night.

2.   They help you sleep better

Humans have our own thermal regulator and our body is able to regulate its own temperature through something known as thermoregulation. Through thermoregulation, we can keep our body warm even when it is cold and vice versa. And to work on this thermoregulation process, the feet and hands are fundamental.

Therefore, when you wear socks to sleep you are influencing your body’s thermoregulation and that could be one of the keys to having a comforting sleep. Let’s just say that wearing socks to sleep is also a great way to tell your brain: it’s time to rest!

So give it a try, put on a pair of socks to sleep and as your body better regulates its blood flow and temperature, you’ll relax faster.

3.   Moisturize and care for your feet

In addition to the sleep benefits of wearing socks to sleep, they will also protect your feet from moisture and reduce the risk of them cracking or drying out. So, if you have dry feet try wearing socks at night to make your skin softer.

Do you like to sleep in socks?

Well, as you can see there are some advantages of sleeping with socks on during the night. Whether you’re a fan of socks to sleep in or not, I hope I’ve answered your questions about why people sleep with socks on and maybe you’ve even discovered the key to start getting better sleep and want to put it into practice tonight. You can’t lose by trying it!