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How to sleep without wrinkles?

At a certain age in our lives, we all worry about the appearance of wrinkles. We dream of having our skin smooth and soft. The good news is, there are certain habits in the way we sleep, and in our sleep hygiene that will help us delay the appearance of wrinkles.

Lack of sleep and not practicing certain habits while we sleep cause a reduction of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. All this accelerates the aging of our skin and makes it much weaker. This leads to the appearance of expression lines or wrinkles.

Take your notebook and write down these simple tips to get rid of the “hated” wrinkles before it is too late.

Watch your sleeping posture

We have some bad news: if you are one of those who sleep on your stomach or side, you are facilitating the appearance of bags under the eyes by concentrating the fluid from your face in that area. To avoid this, simply try sleeping on your back and avoid turning your head sideways. This way, your face will be free and won’t rub against the sheets or pillow. If you go to bed thinking about this, your body will probably try to take these new positions little by little.

    2. Sleep the necessary hours 

Just like posture, the number of hours you sleep is essential to avoid wrinkles. When you sleep, your skin rests and your cells regenerate and oxygenate more easily, so in addition to reducing stress and improving your mood, your skin will glow like never before after having rested for seven to eight hours.

3. Pamper yourself before bed

Want radiant, soft, smooth, baby-soft skin? Then moisturizing your face should be one of your top priorities before you go to bed, no matter how tired you are after work or a party with friends. Look for moisturizing creams, serums, oils and antioxidant masks and limit your sodium intake at dinnertime. While you sleep your skin goes through a cellular regeneration process and for it to function at its maximum capacity it needs vitamins, nutrients and hydration.

4. The hair on the back of your head

Always but ALWAYS when you are in bed make sure you tuck your hair behind your face. This is vital so that your face is completely clear and your skin can fully breathe.

5. Always opt for silk instead of cotton

We know that silk sheets are expensive, but when it comes to skin care, they are worth the investment. Cotton is a natural fabric that generally creates wrinkles and folds that, when in contact with your face, can leave unwanted expression lines. In contrast, fabrics such as silk or satin stay smoother and are good at absorbing moisture and accelerating the metabolism of skin cells.

6. Change your sheets often

You’ve probably gone to bed more than once without having removed your make-up. We all feel lazy when we get tired and sleepy and have to remove our make-up. But “forgetting” this little habit can take its toll on your skin because, in addition to dermatitis and irritation on the face, getting into bed with traces of makeup or cream from the day before releases bacteria and microbes that affect the brightness and purity of the skin. That’s why we recommend changing your sheets about every two weeks and washing your pillows every three months. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)