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How to get a good night’s sleep 5 TIPS

Sometimes, any small change in our lifestyle or routine can also cause changes in our sleep or disorders such as insomnia. So if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’ll give you these 5 tips so you can sleep through the night like a baby and say goodbye to insomnia. Take note!

1. Have a regular sleep schedule

Try to go to bed and get up at the same time. That will make your body adapt to a routine and that way you will sleep better. The more relaxed you get to bed, the less it will cost you to fall asleep, so make sure that the last hours before going to bed are dedicated to relaxing activities.

2.   Create a sleepy atmosphere in your bedroom

Your bedroom should be a quiet place to sleep and rest, so you should create the right environment for it. Regulate the temperature to an ideal temperature, place a dim light that encourages sleep and make sure the windows are well insulated so that you do not hear noises from outside. If you have a pet, ideally it should have its own sleeping space away from your bedroom. This way it will not disturb you while you sleep.

3.   Choose a comfortable mattress

A good mattress is essential to rest well so you should not skimp when buying yours. Do not see it as an expense, since a mattress is an investment in rest and ultimately in health. A good quality mattress suitable to your needs will offer you a comforting sleep.

4.   Exercise frequently

Exercise offers us many health benefits in general and also helps us to sleep better because when we exercise we are burning energy and all that tension that we accumulate during our routines.

5.   Reduce caffeine

It’s no secret that exciting drinks produce just that: excitement. Therefore, whether you drink coffee, tea or soft drinks, it is best to try to avoid them as much as possible, especially at night.

If you have anxiety and feel the need to take something at night, try herbal teas such as lime blossom or chamomile that will help your body relax and fall asleep more easily.


Finally, if you can’t sleep, it’s better to get up than tossing and turning for hours, as that can stress you out even more and get you into a loop that doesn’t help you get out of insomnia. So, now that you know how to get a good night’s sleep, put these tips into practice next time. Get up and take a light walk around the house or do something relaxing before going back to bed.