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Flower Essence for Sleep: Moon Dreams with Lavender

If you are looking for a flower essence for sleep, lavender could help you relax and feel more rested to sleep peacefully through the night and wake up comforted and energized.

This wonderful purple plant has more than 47 known species and since ancient times has been used for healing and relaxation purposes. The Egyptians used it in their massage oils, the Greeks used it to scent their feet and the Romans used it to relieve headaches and heal wounds. As you can see, lavender has many uses, but if there is one use that has become very popular in our days is to use lavender as a natural remedy for sleep.

It seems that we live in a society highly in need of good rest and restorative sleep. A hectic life, endless work routines, chaos, time goes very fast and lavender is presented as the saving essence to connect us with that moment of relaxation and calm.

Originally from Africa, Asia and Europe, lavender is currently grown mainly in Provence, an area of France, which has become an incredible tourist attraction. And no wonder, because have you ever seen a lavender field? Impressive!

Because of the calming effects of lavender, we wanted to add it to our sleep products. You can find it in Moon Dreams, one of our signature products.

Can Moon Dreams sleep flower essence help with insomnia?

Lavender generally works very well to calm the mind and help you sleep better. While it won’t take away any worries you may have swirling around in your head, it will certainly help you enter a state of relaxation.

Can our flora essence be used in bed linen?

You can indeed use the essences in many ways. As we discussed in the article on grandmother’s sleep remedies, herbal remedies can also be used by sprinkling a few drops on the bed a while before going to sleep. The aroma impregnated in the sheets will help you fall asleep better.


Whether you are a lavender lover or have just discovered lavender, there are plenty of lavender products to try. However, to familiarize yourself with the scent, we recommend starting with a floral scent like Moon Dreams for sleep. There are definitely many ways to relax before bedtime. From taking a warm bath to listening to some music that encourages sleep, but without a doubt, lavender can be a great alternative for a better night’s sleep.