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Educate yourself on sleep

We will begin with the meaning of sleep, from the Latin “somnus”; to dream is the state that we present when we sleep (to be in that rest that consists of the inaction or suspension of the senses and of all voluntary movement) – RAE (Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences). At this moment our body suspends consciousness and the organism replenishes all the energy spent during the day.

Based on the above, sleep should be one of the most important things to take into account in improving our quality of life, because if we do not replenish energy, the body will be less willing to face the challenges of the next day.

Factors that powerfully influence the body and mind:

Have you felt how our body temperature changes as night approaches and we want to sleep?
It is a signal emitted by our internal biological clock, which creates rhythms for the day and night that make us feel tired or alert. Depending on body temperature and the influence of light, what we commonly call the CIRCADIAN RHYTHM coordinates a drop in body temperature as we approach our usual bedtime, reaching its lowest point approximately two hours after the onset of sleep. The suprachiasmatic nucleus, located in the center of the brain, synchronizes the Circadian Rhythms with external stimuli such as light changes.

Have you seen people resorting for example to caffeine when it is 5pm and they need to be more alert and awake? A hormone known as ADENOSINE accumulates in our brain when we are awake, creating a “sleep pressure” that we release when we sleep. This is why the more time we spend awake the more adenosine we accumulate in the brain, which leads us to be more sleepy on the days following the body’s failure to rest its proper hours.

The balance between these two factors dictates how alert and attentive we will be during the day, and in part when we will feel tired and ready to sleep.

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